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The objectives of ENFO are:
  • To share experiences, information and challenges amongst European and non-European family offices ;
  • To promote relationships with other similar networks in other countries ;
  • To contribute to the development of family office activities in Europe ;
  • To disseminate their culture and professional ethics ;
  • To define some “best practices” rules ;
  • To facilitate the availability, top-level competence and business knowledge of the various members of the network for large private capital and families ;
  • To promote and bring added value to the relationships of the family offices and their service providers ;
  • To assist legal entities and natural persons to establish independent or single family offices.
In the context of ENFO, the definition of a family office is as follows:

An independent company in charge of the consolidation, control, analysis and management of the assets constituting the capital of private families. More generally in charge of independently advising wealthy individuals, families and/or family members in the management and administration of their wealth, financial or not.

Family offices can also provide convenience services, family advisory and mediation services as well as any type of service dedicated to private wealthy individuals/families regarding family wealth preservation and administration. Family offices serve and advise independently. Their clients are the only source of income.

By signing the Memorandum and Articles of Network, the subscribers become members of the network.

The company works directly for the clients, as a third-party service provider, and looks after the development of partial or full administration of their assets and liabilities as well as all other sorts of capital.

Members of the network can be:
  • Independent multi-family offices which are working for several different families.
  • Companies providing independent Family office services are allowed to become members of the network. Members should have limited liability.


Enfo - Uitbreidingstraat 10-16 - 2600 Antwerp - Belgium - Tel.: +32 (0)3 285 91 00 - Fax: +32 (0)3 285 91 01
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